One mission: To help you succeed in your own Twin Cities business.

"Because I'm an Agent"

  • Because I’m an Agent, my income is matched by my ambition.

  • Because I’m an Agent, I have the freedom to put my family first.

  • Because I’m an Agent, I never have to worry again about “corporate downsizing”.

  • Because I’m an Agent, I get to be a leader in my community.

  • Because I’m an Agent, I have a business that is truly mine.

  • Because I’m an Agent, I get to build a team around me to accomplish my goals.

Here's What You Can Expect From Us to Help You Succeed:

  • Prominent Brand Marketing from an Industry Leader at no cost to you.

  • A product line unmatched in the industry, from Auto & Home to Financial Services.

  • Choose from Multiple Entry Points: Start from scratch - (The traditional and lowest cost route) OR Purchase an existing 'book' of clients.

  • Keep your current job and start an insurance agency (The new associate program that allows candidates to go part time for up to 2 years).

  • The District Manager is your business partner and was TWICE agent of the year as a mentor and consultant.

  • Your success is the District Manager’s first priority.

  • #1 rated training program through the University of Florida.

  • Free use of the District Office in Woodbury for up to an entire year. This means your overhead would be very minimal.

What are we looking for?

A person living in the greater Minneapolis / St Paul area that wants to learn how to start an insurance agency ...
An enthusiastic and coachable person with a strong work ethic ...THAT'S IT!
Are you ready to start your own business and make your financial dreams come true?

We will teach you and work side by side with you as you build your business.
Some will look at it as a franchise opportunity or even starting a business from scratch.
But it's so much more than that. Selling Farmer's Insurance is business ownership - YOUR business.
An insurance CAREER opportunity. "I am your business partner - Your success is my first priority."

Many people only have the ambition 'mindset' that will have them looking for an 'insurance job' in the Twin Cities.
It's not even accentuated in our culture to encourage our children to work for themselves - We instinctively teach them to 'get a job'.
There's no 'real' money, to speak of, that can be made working for someone else. It's ALL in business ownership.
The wealthiest men and women in the world made their fortunes 'working for themselves'.

At Farmers Woodbury, Courtney McCutchen will assess your drive and help you enhance your talents to easily build your own team of associates.
Other business niches have to rely on 'getting the next job', such as hardwood flooring companies, any home improvement
entities, car salesmen or just about anything you can think of relies on the next 'sale'.

Your aim is to get as many clients into your 'book' as you can, mounting the monthly totals from all of the recurring premium payments and,
over time, building your own little 'empire' of recurring monthly paying clients ...and I haven't even mentioned
what your associates will be contributing to your account.

Once you learn the ropes and get comfortable with your new profession, you can concentrate your time on finding new clients.
As you amass your own 'book' of clients, the team you put together will work under you, take instruction from you, and build their own
books of clients, which will also enrich your agency and your bottom line.

So, Where Do You Go From Here?

This is the easy part:
Call 651-383-2899 now and speak with Courtney McCutchen - He will set up a time for you to meet and begin training you in to become
one of the success stories you can read about here. You're about to make a life-changing move that you will always be proud of.
You will be mentored, given space to operate in, and presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - Make the call.

It's Time to Be Your Own Boss

Making sure your business succeeds for 2016.