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Courtney McCutchen is the District Manager for Farmers Insurance, based in Woodbury, a Twin Cities suburb of St Paul. He has been honored TWICE as Agent of the Year as a mentor and consultant. With a professional like this to help you utilize your natural drive, advise you as you build up your client base, and guide you as you become all you can be, your certainty for success is exponential.

Your desire to become a huge success is your best asset. You are only limited by who and 'what' you 'think' you are. As you build a client base, the recurring income you receive from each monthly premium payment that is paid by your clients is ever-mounting as you add more and more insurance clients. When you build your own team, that works under you, each team member ALSO collects monthly payments that YOU get a cut of. Your potential income from a system like this is TRULY LIMITLESS.

Courtney McCutchen will show you HOW to get to this point and it doesn't take as long as you might think. Your next move is to call Courtney now at 651-383-2899, in Woodbury, and set up a time for him to have you over for an initial meeting. At that time, he will begin teaching you how you can become more successful than you ever thought possible. Don't wait - Call now!

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I think I was born to be in insurance. My mother was an agent when I was growing up so it's in my blood. Although, I didn't start out in the insurance world I am blessed to have ended up here. I have been in insurance for about 10 years and I love it. Having worked on the agency side, being able to advise my clients brought me joy. Educating them on what they needed to look at and helping them understand the protection they needed became my passion.

Insurance allows me to do something that is bigger than myself. All of my clients felt like family to me and to build those relationships has brought me great joy both professionally and personally. Now that I am on the District side where I am able to share the opportunity of what Farmers can do for individuals is absolutely wonderful.

I am very blessed to be able to bring individuals into the Farmers family and be part of their success.
Our agents' success is everything to me!
Rocky Smith

And the Survey Says ...

Those content with being a Farmers agent - 98%

Present agents that would recommend it as a pursuit - 97%

Average for Farmers agents reporting job satisfaction - 99%

Farmers agents satisfied with the mentoring they received - 99%

Agents who plan to stay with Farmers until they are of retirement age - 98%

The graph shows overall satisfaction of Farmers agents with the profitability, working environment, mentoring, employment structure and overall satisfaction with their experience of becoming and being a Twin Cities Farmers agent. Most agents aspire to own their own agency, some taking advantage of using the regional office provided to new agents up to a full year from starting with Farmers. This is a HUGE money saver. Not having to purchase office space is just another thing that sets Farmers apart from the others and takes a big load off of the new agent as they begin to build their own book of clients. Call Courtney McCutchen now at 651-383-2899 and begin building an outstanding career as a Farmers Insurance agent. You've just discovered your future - Call for your interview now.

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